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Technology developed: A Novel Class of Sequence-defined Polymers and Preparation Methods Thereof (TP19763271981)
Category: Product(Hardware/Material/Software)
Details of Inventor(s):
Inventor Institution/Organization/Company Department Designation
Dr Mintu Porel IIT Palakkad Chemistry Assistant Prof
Technical Application Area: Chemicals & Materials Science
If 'Other', please specify:
Please give more details of new technical application area:
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Palakkad
Affiliated Ministry: MHRD, Govt. of India
Type of technology development: Indigenous
Does the technology help in replacing any import items currently
procured from outside India?
Does the technology have export potential? No
Category of Technology developed: Futuristic
Stage of Development: Lab-scale
Please describe in detail including the TRL Level:


Applications: A novel synthetic strategy has been developed to design and synthesize a unique class of bio-inspired synthetic sequence-defined polymers (SDP). This new class of SDP has strategically been designed with an important functional group, dithiocarbamate, which has been reported to be an excellent candidate for various applications in material sciences (e.g. heavy metal sensor and vulcanizing accelerators in rubber industries) and biomedical sciences (e.g. antibacterial agents, anticancer agents and agrochemicals including pesticides, fungicides, insecticides). The strategy will allow one to design and synthesize manmade materials with massive chemical diversity and tunable structure and properties for making them the best fit for a given application. Some of this class of materials have shown the ability to detect mercury (II) selectively which is a continuing trouble in many villages as well as industrial areas. Based on this class of materials, a novel class antibacterial drug is in the process of development which will pave the way to encounter the threat from bacterial infection. Taken together this new class of materials and the methodology for synthesizing those will definitely benefit the health and improve the livelihood status of the people and serve the society.
Advantages: This strategy is support-free eliminating the requirement of any support and also free from stepwise purification and external stimuli. This strategy also holds absolute control over monomeric sequence on SDP backbone. The strategy is efficient, fast, economic, scalable, support-free and protection deprotection chemistry free. This novel method works under eco-friendly manner since only HCl gas is produced which can be effectively neutralized by bicarbonate in the medium. Hence no hazardous waste is liberated and making the system eco-friendly. Dithiocarbamate based SDP is a new addition to SDP family and holds huge opportunity for material and biomedical applications due to the dithiocarbamate group. The synthetic strategy, characterization, versatility of functional group incorporation, modular post-synthetic modifications of this novel class of SDP makes the full system very efficient and applicable.

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    R&D Investment:

R&D investment (Rs. in Lakhs):                    
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3 0 NA

   Patents & Publications:

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1 0 NA
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1 1 NA

    Commercialization Potential:

Who are the Potential Licensees?
What commercially available products address
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      Submitted by: Dinesh Jagadeesan Date of Submission: 4-8-2020

I-Mitra(आई-मित्र) Welcomes You..
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This can lead to a leap in R&D productivity and greatly enhance the effectiveness of public investment. This is the motivation behind I-STEM.
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