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Technology developed: Essential oil loaded bacterial cellulose composites for vulvovaginal candidiasis (TP19763292829)
Category: Product (Hardware/Material/Software)
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Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal IIT Hyderabad MSME Associate Professor
Technical Application Area: Healthcare
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Candidiasis is the most common fungal infection caused by Candida species. About 70 of women of child bearing age experience vaginal infections caused by Candida spp., of which 20 suffer from recurrent infections. It is the second most common cause of urinary tract infections. The most widely used drug in both the treatment and prevention of candidiasis is fluconazole FLC, a member of the azole family of drugs. However, prolonged usage of FLC has contributed to the development of drug resistance in Candida albicans and other species. Traditionally, a few essential oils have been identified to possess significant anti-fungal properties. Specifically, the essential oils from thyme, clove and oregano, namely Thymol, Eugenol and Carvacrol, respectively, are known for their anti- fungal properties against drug resistant candida biofilms. Anti-microbial panty liners loaded with these essential oils can prevent the recurrent infection by absorbing the exudates and exhibiting selective anti-microbial activity on harmful microbes. In the present invention, oil microcapsules are prepared and loaded into bacterial cellulose BC matrix. BC is produced by Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria as a dilute hydrogel of pure semicrystalline cellulose nanofibers with high porosity and water holding capacity along with an additional advantage of in situ manipulability. Aim of the present study is to prepare monolithic polynuclear core-shell microcapsules encapsulated with three different oils separately within same capsule and then embedding the microcapsules in BC matrix. Oil microcapsules will be prepared by coacervation-phase separation method using chitosan and PNIPAM polymers for pH responsive and thermoresponsive release. The composites will be characterized by cryo-TEM, FTIR, GC, DSC and SEM. In-vitro oil release studies and anti-fungal studies will be performed on Candida albicans.
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad
Affiliated Ministry: Ministry of Education
Type of technology development: Indigenous
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Category of Technology developed: Futuristic
Stage of Development: Lab-Scale
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We are currently at Technology readiness level (TRL3) three stage. The hypothesis testing and initial proof of concept (PoC) is demonstrated in a limited number of in vitro models. We have filed IP, both Indian and International patent Shivakalyani Adepu & Mudrika Khandelwal (2018) “Pharmaceutical compositions and delivery systems for prevention and treatment of candidiasis” Indian Patent Application no. 201841034939 PCT application: PCTIB2019057802


Applications: In our study, the developed herbal essential oil loaded nanofibrous bacterial cellulose has shown superior antifungal activity than existing antifungal drug, Fluconazole. This could be used to prevent and mitigate mucosal and cutaneous fungal infections, 1. Panty liner to prevent and mitidage vulvovaginal candidiasis 2. Aerosol spray to be used on shoe insoles for army personnel who wear shoes for longer durations which leads to fungal infections in nails and fingers Transdermal patches for skin infections
Advantages: In the current project, anti-microbial panty liners are loaded with antimicrobial herbal essential oils in an effective and safer way to reduce pathogenic microbial colonization in vaginal mucosa and are minimally effective on normal vaginal flora. It offers slow and sustained release of loaded anti-microbial oils. The utilization of Bacterial cellulose nanofibrous matrix as a substrate material in panty liners itself is one of the novelties in the present product. Substrate for panty liners should absorb excess vaginal exudates without any leakage, should be thin at the same time should have high mechanical strength, should have optimum aeration and shouldn’t be irritant to vaginal mucosa.  Compared to the substrates used for the panty liners available in the market, BC offers extremely better properties such as high absorbency, high strength at low thickness, optimum gaseous exchange and non-irritant to vaginal mucosa.  Panty liners available in the market, makes use of Super Absorbent Polymers SAPs to increase the absorbency to make the liners thinner. But, SAPs cause vaginal irritation/itching and are non-biodegradable.  The combination of three herbal essential oils Thymol, Eugenol and Carvacrol is highly effective on drug resistant pathogenic fungal strains as well as bacteria. Chitosan microcapsules offer protection for the encapsulated oils in harsh conditions and aids in sustained pH responsive release of oils at vaginal mucosa. Hence the herbal essential oil microcapsules impregnated bacterial cellulose panty liners prevents and mitigates VVC and bacterial vaginosis effectively without any harmful side-effects and environmental impact. There is no such panty liner available in the market which is useful for the prevention and mitigation of VVC and bacterial vaginosis.

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2147483647 2147483647 NA
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0 9100585 2019-20

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Who are the Potential Licensees? Well spun group Redcliffe Hygiene Private Limited
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      Submitted by: The Dean R and D Date of Submission: 5-8-2020

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