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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
Novel 2,4, M-Nitroaniline doped PES and an optically active guest-host polymer 
Y.S Negi, Chandra Vishwa Shanthia and R.C. Aiyerb 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Granted - 2018-05-02 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
This invention relates to a product based on host-guest system based on m-NA and PES using simple solution technique and casting thin film. Different compositions (1-20% w/w) based on m-NA/PES and films therefrom were developed. Frequency doubling (1064 nm to 532 nm) measurement and light conversion (red to green light) using Nd:YAG laser was used. For the design of organic materials suited for the use in optoelectronic device, Non-Linear Optical (NLO) chromophore (m-nitroaniline) was incorporated in Polyether Sulfone (PES). Such materials have numerous advantages as compared to the crystalline materials. Large area devices having desired organo-polymeric molecular structures in a thin film form can be produced for various optoelectronic and photonic applications. In the present investigation, PES a versatile high performance amorphous polymer that features with relatively high thermal stability, ability to retain optical transparency, electrical and mechanical properties up to 210ºC, good mold ability low dielectric constant and low water absorption was used. These features attracted this polymer to be a favorable host. m-NA is one of the important class of NLO active materials. A host guest system based on m-NA and PES susceptible to generate nonlinear optically (NLO) active properties was prepared scanning electron microscope and XRD for bulk properties evaluation and Nd:YAG laser studies for SHG signal evaluation. The effect of NLO active m-NA on the bulk and optical properties of PES were investigated. These studies provide a guideline for developing the host guest system based on m-NA and PES, in identifying the suitable composition showing SHG with laser radiation for optoelectronic devices. The purified m-NA was incorporated from 1-20 wt% in the PES polymer matrix by convectional solution casting method. Thin, transparent, freestanding films obtained were characterized with optical and other techniques. 

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