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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
Utilization of de-oiled algal biomass extract for enhancing vehicular quality biodiesel production from chlorella sp. in mixotrophic cultivation systems 
B.K.Gurjar, Vikas Pruthi and Richa Katiyar 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Applied - 2018-01-16 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
The investigation first time reports the efficacy of de-oiled algal biomass extract (DOABE) for mixotrophic cultivation of chlorella sp. To enhance biodiesel production in open tray systems and in BioXpert-V2 software connected photobioreactor (PBR). The cultivation systems with addition of DOABE (PBR+DOABE and open tray +DOABE) as media were tested for quality and quantity of biodiesel. Data showed the presence of organic carbon and low nitrogen in DOABE, caused >2 folds higher biomass productivity and >4 folds enhanced lipid productivity, when cells were cultivated in both the cultivation systems as compared to control. Data has also recorded >2 folds higher lipid content (38.43±0.30% and 31.03±0.61%) in cells, grown in PBR+DOABE and in open tray +DOABE systems respectively that in control. Biochemical analysis of cells from both the systems revealed the decrease in total carbohydrates and protein contents. The FAMEs analyses showed vehicular quality biodiesel (high oleic acid content, low PUFA and high SFAs) obtained from chlorella sp. MCC27, when cultivated in both the cultivation systems (PBR +DOABE and open tray +DOABE) than in control. PBR+DOABE system showed edge over open tray +DOABE system in terms of biomass productivity and lipid content. While, the physical properties of biodiesel produced from chlorella sp. were in compliance with the fuel standards (ASTM D6751) and commercially used plant (Jatropha, plam) based biodiesel, when cells were cultivated in open tray +DOABE system than in PBR+DOABE system. Data revealed highest cetane number (CN;56.89), low cold filter plugging property (CFPP;-6.22ºC), and approx. average oxidative stability (OS;3.50h). Collectively, this study highlights the use of recycled DOABE as a low cost feedstock for enhancing vehicular quality biodiesel production from microalgae. 

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