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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
3-D Porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering 
P. Gopinath and Sarim Khan 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Applied - 2020-01-24 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
The present invention provides a synthesis process for 3-D porous scaffolds of SF/n-HAP/PCL with enhanced mechanical and biological properties which could serve as a template in clinical settings for bone tissue regeneration. The composite scaffold is blended with surface treated Sisal Fibers to increase the interfacial adhesion with the Polycaprolactone polymer matrix. The addition of 5 % (w/w) sisal fiber to n-HAP/PCL scaffold increased the compressive modulus of the scaffold from 2.23 MPa to 5.33 MPa. The porosity of the scaffolds increased with increase in the SF concentration in the scaffold. The scaffolds with SF blended in them proved to be innoxious to the MG-63 cell attachment and their proliferation on the surface. The scaffold with 5 % SF and 30 % HAP had the highest cell proliferation both at Day 3 and Day 7. From the FESEM images, it was observed that the cell attachment at Day 3 was in the advance stage. The scaffolds are synthesized using freeze drying techniques. The scaffold employs eco-friendly SF which are cheap and abundant in nature. The overall cost of the scaffolds produced from the process is very less in comparison to the industry standards in the orthopaedics industry. 

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