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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
Impedimetric sensors for cytotoxicity analysis 
Sanjeev Manhas, P.Gopinath, Rangadhar Pradhan and Ashish 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Applied - 2020-01-29 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
The present invention relates to an electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) system and method that helps in determining the changes in the electrical as well as physiological properties of cells. ECIS is an in-vitro methodology that senses the real-time cellular activities via electrodes. The system provides a non-invasive current flows between the electrodes cultured with live cells on the electrode surfaces. Current flows unchecked in the absence of cells, while its flow is impeded once cells start to grow, leading to provide an insight into the behavior of cells at different frequencies. The changes in current are measured as impedance. The method is rapid, inexpensive, accurate, and highly reproducible to understand the drug delivery processes that affect cellular mechanism. This real-time cell sensing technology makes it more efficient than microscopic imaging or observation. ECIS technique has been employed to understand the cytotoxic effects of tamoxifen on the HeLa cells. This impedance monitoring of cytotoxic effects of tamoxifen on HeLa cells have not been carried out till date in any other study. The present study depicts responses of HeLa cells upon exposure to various doses of tamoxifen. This impedance biosensor indicated that tamoxifen caused a significant reduction in the number of HeLa cells in a dose-dependent manner. The restraining activity of tamoxifen over the growth and proliferation of HeLa cells was studied by using impedimetric biosensor. Thereby it may be safe to say that there is indeed a positive correlation of cytotoxicity of tamoxifen impedance values and other proven assays indicates the arrival of a novel biosensor to evaluate cytotoxicity of anti-cancerous drugs. 

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