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Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
Sludge Softening Formulation  
Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
Application type:
Granted - 2017-11-30 
Application Number:
No.: 290131 
Applied at:
Entered by:
Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
Normal most commonly employed process in refineries is heating the sludge material to a softening point using fire and make it flowable under heating to be transferable into drums / containers using manpower and machineries which is very time consuming and unsafe process .Some refineries employs indirect heating through steam instead of directing by fire . Generally, in the refineries the waste sludge piled up as a pond over which separate layer of water are observed on the surface . The composition of the sludge after removal of surface water layer contains entrapped water , insoluble such as sand & dust , iron as iron oxide as rust etc. besides major portion recoverable organic hydrocarbon. In the invention work , Developed Sludge Softening formulation which in certian dosage form added to the lagoon ( large pond) sludge from the refinery was softened together with a solvent hydrocarbon based , which can keep the sludge in a dispersion form , flowable and also offers demulsification property for separation of entrapped water in the sludge organic matrix and emulsion . The water can be effectively pumped out separately with flowable oil into to tank for reusable / reprocessing purpose. The usefulness of the above process the solvent is recoverable and softening compound used in a very small dosage level to be noted as important contaminant / pollutant . The significant of these process that one can soften under ambient condition to steam heating to speed up the process of softening . The sludge once softens will remain in suspended / dispersed form and does not solidifies. The formulation is effective used in refineries oil field chemicals for recovery of useful content and disposal of sludges.  

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