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Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
A Novel Metal Conditioner used for Anti frictional & load properties in Engine and Gear of Automotive Lubricants .  
Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
Application type:
Applied - 2016-03-31 
Application Number:
No: 201631011499  
Applied at:
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Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited Kolkata 
The invention is related to development of a noval formulations of Metal Conditioner which can be used for Antifriction as well as load bearing properties in Engine & Gear lubricants. This is particularly developed for anti-friction metal conditioner which claim to save energy, reduce operational costs by bringing extended drain interval & better fuel efficiency , increase power and torque, lower operating temperatures, decrease wear and downtime, and provide easier cold-weather operation. Metal Conditioner treatments does not replace the lubricant rather it is added directly to the existing lubricant as a conditioner in certain dosage level to derive above benefits . It functions by forming a highly resisant film inside the engine or gear when engine/gear is in operation . The formulation is having synthetic components with very specific additives which offers enhanced properties .  

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