Atma Nirbhar Initiatives (Self Reliant)

I-STEM is an initiative of the Govt. of India and the purpose of this initiative is to serve the nation and take the people of India towards the goal set by the Government from time to time to make us “Atma Nirbhar” in terms of technology development, reduce dependency of foreign products/technologies upto some extent. This will not make us only “Self Reliant '' but also, it will provide opportunities to support our partner countries to make use of the indiginous technologies and products as well as the scientific knowledge developed.

Original Innovations and Indigenous Development of Scientific Instrumentation and Technical Supplies

The I-STEM team is planning to introduce a new plan for the scientific community to promote “the development of the equipment” needed for the research purpose. To do this, a survey/review is being done by the domain experts listed at I-STEM to elevate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the Technology products listed at the portal as a part of the Digital Catalogue initiated under the mission by the “Empowered Technology Group” which came into existence on approval of the cabinet in Feb 2020.

This initiative will link the start-ups, MSME, academic/national labs to each other who are working for the development of the R&D equipment. Arrangements will be made under the proposed program for indigenously developed R&D products/services to be made available to young researchers in their parent institute, for testing them and for experimentation, and validation. This will enable comparison with “standard products”, so that feedback can be provided to the developers/ manufacturers for improvement and further value addition. The I-STEM team not only will be providing the technical support but also help to arrange the partial funding, if needed.

Another important objective of the National Program is to promote the technical supplies (especially those with high value added), and services, which lie at the heart of carrying out more extensive R&D effort that would result in innovations needed for stronger economic growth in the years to come.

The number of technical organizations – academic, national labs, industry – in the country is large and the number continues to grow year after year. Furthermore, the number of candidates for research degrees in science and technology is also large and continues to increase. Put together, these factors amount to a significant domestic market for scientific instruments and accessories, materials (software & hardware), facilities, services, and supplies.

The large domestic market can attract entrepreneurs and investors, and the I-STEM portal brings them to researchers (Users) through the various “forums” that are part of the portal.

If needed, a collaborative research environment will be established wherein manufacturers, experts and young researchers may work together and strengthen the idea of “Make in India” through City Knowledge and Innovations Clusters initiated by the OPSA in various parts of India..

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