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The Indian Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map (I-STEM) is a national web portal developed with the concept “One Nation One Portal” for the scientific community, aimed at “Linking Researchers and Resources”.It was developed during the last one year as an initiative of the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), IISc, and funded by the Office of the PSA, GoI. The I-STEM Web Portal is the gateway for researchers to locate the specific facility(ies) they need for their R&D work and identify the one that is either located closest to them or available the soonest
The I-STEM Web Portal isavailable to the researchers from India and abroad.
You must request the head of institution (through email putting in cc to I-STEM nodal centre) to register it on the portal immediately, as it is mandated by the Govt. agencies.
Yes, this portal is meant to support needy researcher, but to register a company at this portal will available through the yearly membership fee.
For searching the equipment registration is not mandatory. But for booking the equipment one should be registered on the portal.
Social media is a strong tool now a days which help in bringing researchers closer to each other.
No, It is not mandatory.
Yes, Custodian is meant to provide services to the needy researchers. But for own purpose and make a record of usage, custodian must register as public user to use their own equipment.
Yes. The facilities will be available on pay and use basis. The charges will be the prerogative of individual institution to decide it.
You must put your remark when you send the feedback. Providing Feedback is necessary for each job/FBR from both user as well as operator/technologist.
Yes! This portal shares the data of Indian institutions/organizations equipment only, but there is a scope to extend it to other countries also.
It is the availability status of the equipment for the current day.
Usually it will be available unless it is down for scheduled maintenance or repair. As long as it is not marked down for scheduled maintenance it will be available for booking.
Please visit the help section on the portal after logged in to the portal. There is an option to report the grievances also. You may get support from nodal centre using toll free number.
It depends on concerned person’s availability and type of grievance faced. Usually it should not take more than a week.
You may do it by selecting the option 'other' in the reason list.
It depends on concerned person’s availability and any requirements to be fulfilled for the approval.
You may request your institution representative to add the same. If it’s a govt. funding agency, then it will be approved by nodal centre. if it is internal funding/Institution, it does not need any approval.
It may be because of scheduled maintenance in that period.
Yes, you may cancel if the slot is not allocated and you have not paid for it. If slot is allocated and payment is done, then please contact operator/technologist well in advance i.e. at least 48 hrs before (on working days). The payment made to the Institution is non-refundable which may be reuse for other bookings, in case of breakdown of equipment or cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances.
FBR is Facility Booking Record generated once booking is made on any equipment. The unique 10-digits FBR number will be assigned each time to the user for record purpose. This may be used to check the current status of booking request even without login to the I-STEM portal.
Yes, Invoice and receipt for online payment will be made available for each request. It may be downloaded any time from the portal after the login.
Yes, the invoice generated is computerized bill and does not require any signature of custodian. It can be claimed if Institution is willing to pay/reimburse for it.

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The I-STEM Web Portal: a National Portal that is the gateway for researchers to locate the specific facility(ies) they need for their R&D work and identify the one that is either located closest to them or available the soonest.

To protect the IP involved in building the I-STEM Portal, a provisional patent application entitled, "A method and process for efficient use of geographically dispersed resources", has been filed with the Indian Patent Office.

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