Employment Opportunities

I-STEM has planned to collect the data of vacant positions/required manpower in various scientific and engineering labs of academia and industry in India. Thisprovides custodian organisations with the opportunity to share information regarding vacancies/internships in their labs with the scientific community through the “one nation one portal”, namely, the Indian Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map (I-STEM)web portal.

This will not only help in the smooth running of sophisticated labs but also fulfil the aim of providing job opportunities for unemployed graduates of technical institutions and colleges.

Unemployed persons with certificates from ITIs and Polytechnics, and graduates with in Science/Engineering/Medical background may apply for these positions by becoming members of the I-STEM portal (i.e., by registering themselves).

I-STEM disclaims any responsibility for providing opportunities for employment because that depends entirely on the requirement and policy of custodian organisations. I-STEM also disclaims any responsibility for providing/arranging opportunity to those who undergo I-STEM internships/training offered by custodian organisations. The custodian institutions shall provide such opportunities based on the candidates/applicants eligibility/experience and understanding of the subject/responsibilities etc.

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