Equipment Info

FTIR Spectrometer

Equipment Code : 3233811

Make : Thermo Fisher Scientific

Model : iS50

Institution : Sophisticated Test and Instrumentation Centre (STIC) Cochin

Department : SAIFKOCHI

Funding Agency Details : DST

Pooling of Equipment slot :   No

Last AMC Done :  

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3 / 3

Reference Website :

Description : 4000 cm-1 to 100cm-1 Resolution 0.2 cm-1 , S/N Ratio 55,000:1 ATR- Diamond crystal, Liquid Cell, Gas Cell attachments IR library

Usage Rate: (as indicated by the custodian/host institution)


i) Academic (External) means researchers belongs to the other institution.

ii) Academic (Internal but different department/lab) means researchers belongs to other department/lab or other investigators.

iii) Academic (Internal) means researchers belongs to the same institution.

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