Cryo-Electron Microscopy: Recent Advances and Applications

25 days ago

ZEISS 3D X-Ray Microscopy Solutions – Fundamentals and Applications.

77 days ago

Introduction to Image Processing with MATLAB for Researchers

77 days ago

Using MATLAB with Python for Artificial Intelligence_22nd Dec 2022

95 days ago

Day-5: Multiphysics analysis such as #optoelectronics, and optical stress rayoptics

117 days ago

Day-4: Optical filters and photonic crystal resonators

117 days ago

Day-3 : Optical scattering and plasmonics

117 days ago

Day-2: Optical waveguide, optical fibers, and couplers

117 days ago

Day-1 COMSOL training

117 days ago

Photonic Crystal Technology for Enhancing Solar PV Efficiency

130 days ago

Atomistics Next Generation Materials & Device Simulation

130 days ago

evolution of an idea to a product or service- KPIT Sparkle

158 days ago

Space Saving Technologies to Design Highly Compact Advanced Multi-band Antennas

166 days ago

e-Paint Paint, Plug, and Play on 06th Oct 2022

172 days ago

Launch of Apeer Microscopy Platform Through I-STEM on 29th Sept 2022

179 days ago

I-STEM Awareness Program, Organised by Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chem., Shoolini University (Online)

181 days ago

I-STEM Awareness Program for Bangalore Institution at IISc Bengaluru on 17th September 2022

193 days ago

Open Source 5G Testbed IISc Bangalore by Mr. Sudhakar Balijepalli, IISc Bangalore

193 days ago

Special I-STEM Awareness Program for North-Eastern Institutions organized by Dibrugarh University

199 days ago

Lattice Boltzmann Method for High-Fidelity Simulations

199 days ago

Material Analysis at Atomic Scale: Correlative Use of Atom Probe Tomography and Electron Microscopy

201 days ago

Equipment upload, equipment profile update and usage rate update

203 days ago

Launch : A Special Drive for Supporting Women in Engineering, Science & Technology (WEST)

209 days ago

Role of Flow Cytometry in the Advancement of Biological Research

215 days ago

Vacuum Technology - Pumping, Measurement, Diagnose

223 days ago

MEMS Design Challenges Made Easy

228 days ago

Applied Rheology

243 days ago

Launch of LabVIEW Platform through I-STEM Portal_ July 18, 2022

252 days ago

Advances Mechanical Surface Characterization and its Application

259 days ago

Compositional characterization of materials using XPS involving operational parameters

259 days ago

1. User/Researcher Registration & Equipment booking by user

260 days ago

A hybrid approach to model thermal behaviour and degradation in batteries

260 days ago

Zeta Potential and Particle Size Measurement

304 days ago

Opportunities for Institution, Faculty Members, Technical Staff, Research Scholars through I-STEM

312 days ago

Analysis of Samples by CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer by Dr. Hiral

320 days ago

Field Emission Gun -Scanning Electron Microscope by Princy Denis Varghese

326 days ago

Talk to experts on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) by Dr. Bharati Patro (SAIF, IIT Bombay)

340 days ago

Talk to Experts to NMR Spectroscopy and capabilities of the 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer on 7th April

355 days ago

Demonstration on I-STEM portal to NITTTR Kolkata on 05-Apr-2022

356 days ago

Talk to Experts on COMSOL

356 days ago

Technical Guidance by I-STEM Team ( Special Session with AICTE)

370 days ago

The Launch of I-STEM : MATLAB Platform for Academic Researchers of India on 28th March

371 days ago

Talk to Experts on X-Ray Diffraction

375 days ago

Response by institution custodian against Facility Booking Request user query response.

377 days ago

High Resolution Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer By Dr. Mayuri Gandhi, SAIF IIT Mumbai

382 days ago

Talk to Experts on Concept and Methodology of SEM-EVO 18

382 days ago

Demonstration of features of I STEM 21st Sept 2021

382 days ago