APEER by ZEISS – AI-powered scientific image analysis platform

APEER is a cloud-based computational platform by ZEISS, a leading manufacturer of microscopes and optical systems. APEER is designed to make advanced AI algorithms accessible to researchers performing scientific image analysis. It makes the complex task of image segmentation easy by providing tools that walks the researcher through the process of image annotation, deep learning training, and segmentation, respectively. The data agnostic nature of AI algorithms makes them ideal for applications in a wide variety of fields including, materials sciences, geology, mining, pharma, and life sciences. APEER allows the researcher to train custom AI models without the need for coding. The custom models can then be used as part of end-to-end automated pipelines to ensure reproducibility in scientific image analysis tasks.

APEER platform is free for academics. A paid discounted version is available for research groups with a need for faster visualization and prioritized AI training in the cloud. The academic paid version allows the researcher to put together custom image analysis applications using the trained AI model.

Visit APEER website to learn more about the platform: https://www.apeer.com

For more information about a free trial of the discounted paid version, click here to contact the APEER team: https://www.apeer.com/free-trial

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