I-STEM Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities:

Note : Indian Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map (I-STEM) has openings for various contract/ad-hoc positions (purely temporary) to run the national program supported by the Govt. of India for 5 years. Qualified persons will be called for an interview and, upon being selected, he may be deputed to various locations (if needed any). S/He will be required to stay for the period of minimum two years/till the end of the project (whichever is earlier) with satisfactory performance. The review of the work will be done on quarterly basis or as and when it is needed. The engagement requires works to be carried out during office hours (physically) and off-office hours virtually i.e., there is need to be connected to the I-STEM team and the public on a regular basis (24x7), to make the program a grand success. Employment includes perks such as HRA and medical insurance, as per the rules of the institution where I-STEM is anchored. Salary is negotiable, based on qualification and experience which may be explored during the interview/interaction with the administrators. The number of vacancies may increase/decrease depending on requirements. All the members are required to work in a team/group.

The positions with job description are as follows:

S. No. 1. Program Manager/Technology Manager: No.: Three/As per requirement
*Qualification & Experience: (PhD+2+ years) in a branch of Science or Engineering, *Age: 35-45Yrs
S/he must have experience in handing national-level programs/Govt. initiatives, and in coordination in the public domain. Should have knowledge of coordination of programs for Incubation/start-ups; technology assessment/monitoring; IP issues; and must be dedicated to such an effort. S/he will work closely with the I-STEM National Coordinator and his subordinates in smoothly running the various I-STEM programs and the I-STEM web-portal; monitoring the progress of web-portal development; and attending to public grievances. S/he must have the skill required to prepare effective (written) official drafts/project reports/presentations (in English), and to coordinate with senior officials of institutions around the country. Should be ready to work in line with the requirements of the GoI, as received from the GoI by the I-STEM Nodal Office from time to time.

S. No. 2. IT Manager/Software Engineer: No. One/ As per requirement
*Qualification & Experience: Master 5+ with PhD+2+ in Computer Science/Information Technology, having experience in developing ERP software’s in Industry/Hospitals and in maintaining servers/web-portals meant for public users. *Age: 25-45 Yrs
The Acoustics Module is an add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics® software that provides tools for modeling acoustics and vibrations for applications such as speakers, mobile devices, microphones, mufflers, sensors, sonar, and flowmeters. You can use the specialized features to visualize acoustic fields and build virtual prototypes of devices or components. The Acoustics Module also includes many specialized formulations and material models that can be used for dedicated application areas, like thermoviscous acoustics used in miniature transducers and mobile devices or Biot's equations for modeling poroelastic waves. The multiphysics environment is extended further with several dedicated numerical methods, including the finite element method (FEM), boundary element method (BEM), ray tracing, and discontinuous Galerkin finite element method (dG-FEM).

The Cloud Server which needs to be maintained is provided by Azure Cloud VMs and is hosted at the NIC in New Delhi, and has the following configuration: Processors: Intel® Haswell 2.4 GHz E5-2673 v3 processors OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS HDDs. IT Manager/Expert is expected to guide the team on various front, such as, managing the cloud servers having the Web Server: Apache - 2.4.18, Database Server: MongoDB - v4.2.0, Log Server: MySQL - 5.7.33-0 and the Frameworks for PHP - CodeIgniter 3.1.1 and For Python - Flask 1.0.2.

S/he must have deep enough knowledge to be able to resolve issues related to Cross-site scripting (XSS), Insecure Deserialization, issues with vulnerabilities, security misconfiguration, exposure of sensitive data, LDAP injection, session fixation, persistent cookies with SSL, Technology footprint, Unprotected directory, weak SSL Cipher, Cross-Frame Scripting, Cross-site request forgery, Verb tempering, and other related issues. S/he must have knowledge in the programming languages PHP and Python. Experience in development of dynamic web-portals, the Jupyter Hub etc. will be added advantage. Must have knowledge of development of the codes using Bootstrap, .CSS, java, PHP/CodeIgniter and Python etc. needed to develop the web/e-portal on individual basis and or in a team.

Must have the skill of preparing official written drafts (in English), and the skill of coordinating with senior officials of Institutions.

S. No. 3. Sr. Facility Technologist/IT Head/Facility Technologist: No. Three/As per requirement
*Qualification & Experience: BE/BTech+5 years/MSc/MCA with 5+/MTech with 3+ years/ /PhD with 1+ Year in Science and Engineering *Age: 20-45 Yrs
S/he is required to coordinate and assist Technology Managers/Program Managers and the I-STEM National Coordinator in running the I-STEM program. S/he will help in maintaining the server, testing of the applications modules; screening the data uploaded by the various centre/organisations; keeping in touch with I-STEM Users; providing technical assistance as and when needed. S/he will also help Users by responding to IVR-based calls seeking technical assistance on equipment and measurements, as well as in handling/accessing the I-STEM portal. Also expected to have the knowledge required to develop web-based portal using different languages, i.e., PHP, Python, CodeIgniter, etc. S/he must have the skill required to prepare (written) official drafts/project reports/presentations (in English), and to coordinate with senior officials of institutions around the country.

S. No. 4. Project/Technical Assistant/Project Associate/Software/Full Stack Developer/Admin Assistant: (No.: As per requirement)
*Qualification & Experience: Graduate/Post Graduate in Science or Engineering with 2 years relevant experience (understanding of Labs equipment). *Age: 20-25 Yrs
S/he will assist both in maintaining the office and in other required tasks on a day-to-day basis to run the I-STEM Nodal Office smoothly. S/he is expected to work on the software provided (by the host Institute) to prepare purchased orders, TA bills, Invoices etc.; manage financial matters; help the I-STEM team in collecting data from various institutions and in conducting demo/training to custodians and researchers in various institutions and organisation. S/he will also help Users by responding to IVR-based calls seeking technical assistance on equipment and measurements, as well as in handling/accessing the I-STEM portal.

*Experience and Age Limit may be relaxed for a suitable candidate.