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    Basic Information

Technology developed: PSB Advance (TP19764832154)
Category: Product(Hardware/Material/Software)
Details of Inventor(s):
Inventor Institution/Organization/Company Department Designation
Dr.Mahesh Borde Savitribai Phule Pune University Design Innovation centre Assistant Professor
Miss.Tejal Narendra Rikame Savitribai Phule Pune University Design Innovation centre Project Technical Assistant
Technical Application Area: Agricultural
If 'Other', please specify:
Please give more details of new technical application area:
Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune
Affiliated Ministry: Ministry of Education
Type of technology development: Indigenous
Does the technology help in replacing any import items currently
procured from outside India?
Does the technology have export potential? No
Category of Technology developed: Immediate Deployment
Stage of Development: Prototype Level
Please describe in detail including the TRL Level:
Prototype Developed and tested on Pot Trial on Chickpea and groundnut crops


Applications: Isolation of PSB from Rhizospheric soil Screening and Molecular Identification of PSB Liquid Inoculum Preparation and pot trials PSB Advanced is an efficient to convert the insoluble P compounds to soluble form in the soil and available soluble P to plant resulting in better plant growth It also has plant growth promoting activities such as production of Indole acetic acid zinc solubilization ammonia production and nitrogen fixation etc It also acts as a biocontrol against plant pathogens via production of hydrogen cyanide(HCN) and antifungal metabolites
Advantages: Microbial inoculants of PSB Advance which can be usually defined as a preparation containing live or dormant cells of efficient strains of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms In contrast to chemical fertilizer biofertilizers are viable microorganisms which are not the source of nutrients but provide help to plants in accessing the nutrient availability in rhizospheric region These microbial formulations are used to enhance certain microbial process to increase the availability of nutrients in a form which can be assimilated by plant which includes a strain of beneficial soil microorganisms which are cultured and packed in suitable carrier in laboratory Initially PSB Advance was grown in selective liquid medium Then a carrier material such as lignite talc powder is used to provides better shelf life for the product As PSB Advance plays a crucial role in soil P solubilisation increasing the bioavailability of soil P for plants Therefore PSB Advance represent potential substitutes for inorganic phosphate fertilizers to meet the P demands of plants Its IAA producing zinc solubilizing and Nitrogen fixing ability leads to improving yield in sustainable agriculture Their application is an ecologically and economically useful

    Technology Inputs:

Imported Equipment/Spare Parts:
Equipment/Spare Parts Year ITC-HS Code
Indigenous Equipment/Spare Parts:
Equipment/Spare Parts Year ITC-HS Code
Autoclave 2016-17 84192010
Autoclave 2017-18 84192010
Autoclave 2018-19 84192010
Autoclave 2019-20 84192010
Laminar Air flow 2016-17 84191920
Laminar Air flow 2017-18 84191920
Laminar Air flow 2018-19 84191920
Laminar Air flow 2019-20 84191920
Incubator 2016-17 84198990
Incubator 2017-18 84198990
Incubator 2018-19 84198990
Incubator 2019-20 84198990
Stereo zoom Microscope 2016-17 90111000
Stereo zoom Microscope 2017-18 90111000
Stereo zoom Microscope 2018-19 90111000
PCR Thermo cycler 2016-17 84198990
PCR Thermo cycler 2017-18 84198990
PCR Thermo cycler 2018-19 84198990
Imported Raw Materials:
Raw Materials Year ITC-HS Code
Indigenous Raw Materials:
Raw Materials Year ITC-HS Code
Luria Bertani broth 2017-18 38210000
Arabinose 2018-19 29319090
PVP 2018-19 39059910
Glycerol 2018-19 29054500
Glucose 2018-19 17023010
Peptone 2018-19 35040010
Beef extract 2018-19 38210000
Existing R&D Facilities used:
Facilities Year ITC-HS Code

    R&D Investment:

R&D investment (Rs. in Lakhs):                    
Indian Source (Rs.) Foreign Source (Rs.) Year
100000 0 2017-18
150000 0 2018-19
300000 0 2019-20

   Patents & Publications:

Filed Patents (No.) Granted Patents (No.) Year
0 0 NA
Submitted (No.) Published (No.) Year
0 0 NA

    Commercialization Potential:

Who are the Potential Licensees? AGROSECRET Induri Tal Maval Dist Pune 6
What commercially available products address
the same problem?
Company Product Problem Addressed
Would you like to develop this invention further with
corporate research support?
Would you be interested in participating in cluster based
programs for commercialization research or business
planning for your invention?
      Submitted by: Arvind D Shaligram Date of Submission: 6-8-2020

I-Mitra(आई-मित्र) Welcomes You..
It has always been the basic tenet of the Government of India, in generously funding R&D efforts at academic institutions over the years, that facilities established through such support be made available to those needing them and qualified to make use of them for their own research work

However, this was never easy or straightforward for, among other reasons, there was no ready source of information of what facility was available and where. Thanks to the Web, it is much easier today to have a national and regional “inventory of resources”, so as to match users with the resources they need, and to do all this in an efficient and transparent manner.

This can lead to a leap in R&D productivity and greatly enhance the effectiveness of public investment. This is the motivation behind I-STEM.
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