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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
Preparation of nanoparticles from corn cobs 
Y.S.Negi , J.S.Upadhayay and Samit Kumar 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Applied - 2010-08-17 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
Holocellulose (73.04%) extracted from corn cobs as obtained from corn fields of Dehradun, Uttrakhand, was used for the preparation of nanoparticles ( ̴ 25 to 100 nm). In order to prepare the nanoparticles, we carried out the chemical treatment at different conditions by varying time, temperature and chemical compositions. The lignified product obtained at optimum condition was delignified by NaClO2/CH3COOH. The white powder product was further analyzed by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The size of nanoparticles ranged from 25 to 100 nm in lignified (brown powder) and delignified (white powder) product. The nanoparticles generated can be used as nanometric carriers to deliver the drug or biomolecules. The nanometric carriers have hydrophilic groups which could form non-covalent bonds with biological tissue forming bioadhesion may well extend the residence time and therefore increase the absorbance of loaded drug. 

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