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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
A four valve for directional control and mixing of fluids 
A.K. Sharma, M.Shah Faizan, Radha Raman Mishra and T.R.Chelliah 
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
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Applied - 2020-03-03 
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee 
The present invention relates to the four-way DCV consists housing and four ports which are attached to it for controlling the liquid flow as per desired flow patterns thereof. The four-way valve involves a liquid flow control procedure wherein a liquid is flown within an inlet valve and passes through the valve housing. The valve housing is a container including the plugs (outer and inner), knobs (outer and inner), and a cap. These are arranged to regulate the flow inside the valve housing. The plugs where designed with specific angles to achieve different combinations of flow patterns. The port(s) can be interchangeably used as inlet port(s) and flow can be directed outside the housing by arranging the plugs in a predefined orientation by converting the rest port(s) as an outlet port(s). Thus the device for splitting and diverting of the liquid flow comprises a cylindrical housing with four pipelines that can block and permit the flow of liquid through it and for the controlling liquid flow thereof. It has four pipelines (four-ways), connected on the circumferential face of the cylindrical housing, perpendicular to each other on a single plane. It is in the form of a cylindrical housing comprising the designed inner and outer plugs which are held concentrically and independently inside the housing. The inner and outer knobs are connected to inner and outer plugs, respectively to control their rotation. It has a control mechanism comprising the rotary motion of the inner and outer plugs which can be controlled manually or using an electronic device. The outer plug is designed to perform its functions within the major angle of 135° and minor angle 15 of 45° between the bottom extruded elements of the outer plug. Inner plugs can perform its function with the element subtends at an angle of 150° from the center. Thus the device can divert the flow of liquid coming from a single source channel to a single sink channel and can split the flow of liquid coming from a single source channel into two sink channels. It facilitates complete or partial mixing of the liquid coming from two source channels into a single sink channel. Thus, the present four-way valve provides flexibility to control the liquid flow in fifteen different directions. The proposed valve offers freedom to choose any channel to be a source or sink channel. The proposed valve can be utilized universally in place of T-port, L-port, and Straight-port flow valves. 

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