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Tripura University Suryamaninagar 
Water Purification System  
Mr Harjeet Nath 
Tripura University Suryamaninagar 
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Applied - 2019-12-14 
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Tripura University Suryamaninagar 
The setup can purify water using either of the series i.e. sediment filter-activated carbon filter-reverse osmosis membrane filter-UV light (SAROUV) or sediment filter-activated carbon filter-ultra-filtration membrane filter-UV light (SAUFUV) or both. The appropriate series or the combination of both series can be selected depending on the feed TDS value as can be seen from the online TDS meter and also depending on the availability of the feed water to be purified. The purification unit being housed inside a suitcase also houses a solar panel connected to a solar charge controller and battery unit and USB outlet unit. The setup can be opened up and can be set anywhere where water purification is required. The setup can also run if domestic power supply is available. The setup can purify water even if there is no power source and can utilize the power available in its battery unit to purify water. The same process is followed and the USB outlets available in the setup unit can provide power for the USB based LED bulb as well as charge mobile phones. Thus the setup is a complete solution for both water purification and emergency light and mobile charging usage which makes is very suitable for military as well as rescue operation during natural calamities like floods etc. No other single unit portable setup is currently available which can address all such problems and perform as a standalone setup. 

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