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Today in the world driven by IP, there is an increase of interest in collaboration in the area of research. Academicians have a strong ability to abstract from a problem & conceptualize, then solving it in the conceptual domain. This is an expertise that is currently lacking in the industry, which is faced with multiple problems in our day to day lives, often not letting this skill to develop. And without proper conceptualization, there can really be no research, as it always tries to address a specific problem. So, there is a budding synergy between academic and the industry researcher. This can lend the conceptualization and generalization skills and the industry can provide the practical reality in which the conceptualization can be rooted. Both sides have to realize that coming together requires a great deal of solid interaction. We are here to enable this kind of interaction for the growth of the country.

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Investors seeking long-term gains in India must pay closer attention to the untapped opportunity of deep science startup ecosystem. While the segment is often misunderstood, it has demonstrated huge resilience against the recent market turmoil. India shows huge potential for global competitiveness with bioeconomy and sustainable energy as just two examples of massive investment opportunities. Investors who are taking the time to understand the potential and navigating the challenges can position themselves to reap significant benefits as the fourth industrial revolution unfolds – like its earlier iterations, it will promote new winners and find losers in the global economy. The India growth story requires more than just IT and software. We propose investors to consider deep science tech for investment and support startups who are a part of I-STEM.


India currently has greater than 300 incubators and accelerators. This network of incubators & accelerators has grown 10x since 2000. Majority of these incubators are present in academic institutions with technology commercialization being their topmost focus. There has also been a significant policy push to promote private investments, public-private collaboration into major deep science domain. The country boasts a huge R&D talent pool with over 500,000 people in workforce with a 40 % to 50 % rise over the past 8 years. The incubators are a huge support system to startups and I-STEM aims to join hands with them to promote the ecosystem of deep science startups in the country. We invite incubators, accelerators or any startup support organization or department who wants to connect with deep science R&D based startups to register with us for collaboration and bilateral benefit.


Experience makes a huge difference, aged domain experts have 3x more chances of building a profitable startup than young founders. Its important to have mentorship and advice specially tailored to a startup's specific domain from a person with practical experience in taking projects from zero to one. Getting in touch with the investors or customers is only half the battle. After founders get connected, they need to convince them of the potential of what they are doing and what their chances of success are. This is difficult to do on your own, as your lack of technical or business experience makes your opinion less credible. The support of a person with a strong reputation can help you to make this happen. I-STEM would invite domain experts for collaboration in scientific R&D domain and business domain to promote deep science startups.

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