Talk to Experts - Webinar Series

   Scientific Research and Development for the nation are not just responsible for innovation, new technologies, and products but it is important for the economic sector also. Any project that any start-up or academic institutions/organizations carry out to gain knowledge in their field falls under the umbrella of R&D. I-STEM is putting its efforts on prime issues, categorically on four (04) verticals for the RISE of the nation and i.e.

            1. Researcher’s pain in getting R&D resources/ or linking with the available resources (R)

            2. Industry technological issues, scarcity of skilled Personnel, and financial issues (I)

            3. Society Needs (S)

            4. Economy of the Country (E)

   The goals of the I-STEM are the optimal use of resources, the development – over time – of the indigenous capability to design, develop, and build R&D tools in the country, with the complementary capacity for maintaining and rebuilding of sophisticated R&D tools, and to bridge the gap between researchers & resources which can, therefore “reduce the barrier” for the industry to work with academia and vice versa.

   “Talk to Experts” is the webinar series conducted by I-STEM every Thursday to provide a digital consortium for the technical as well as business domain experts to speak and share their experience, knowledge and insights which will positively impact the long-term innovative journey of the start-ups, academicians, institutions, industries in R&D which in turn will promote manufacturing sector in India.

S.No. Name Designation Organisation Title of the Talk Date of Webinar
1. Dr. Selvaraja Varadharajaperuma Senior Facility Technologist CeNSE, IISc Bangalore Basics of SEM & application 02-Dec-2021
2. Dr. Suresha S J Technology Manager MNfC, CeNSE, IISc Bangalore Basics of TEM & application 16-Dec-2021
3. Dr. Vijayaraghavan Madakasira Chief Technologist NNfC, CeNSE, IISc Bangalore Introduction to Nanofabrication-Lithography and etching 23-Dec-2021
4. Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sharma Technical Assistant Material Research Centre, MNIT Jaipur Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) 06-Jan-2022
5. Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma Technical Officer Institute Instrumentation Centre, IIT Roorkee Modern SEM 03-Feb-2022
6. Dr. Jayita Sarkar Scientific Officer Centre for Advanced Scientific Equipment (CASE)Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur The Detailed Concept and Methodology of SEM-EVO 18, Carl Zeiss 10-Feb-2022
7. Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur Electric vehicles (EVs) for green transportation system 17-Feb-2022
8. Dr. Mayuri N Gandhi Research Scientist SAIF, IIT Bombay High Resolution Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (Q-Time of Flight & Orbitrap) 10-Mar-2022
9. Dr. Kummara Sreenivas Application Scientist Anton-Paar India Pvt.Ltd. X-Ray Diffraction: Basics 17-Mar-2022
10. Prof. Anurekha Sharma Professor Department of Electronic Science, Kurukshetra University Simulating Thermal actuator and piezoelectric device using COMSOL 31-Mar-2022
11. Dr. Nutan Mallikarjun Agadi Asst. Technical Officer SAIF, IIT Bombay Principle and Instrumentation of NMR Spectroscopy and capabilities of the 600MHz NMR Spectrometer 07-Apr-2022
12. Dr. Bharati Patro Asst. Technical Officer SAIF, IIT Bombay 300 kV FEG-TEM 21-Apr-2022
13. Mrs. Princy Denis Varghese Technical Superintendent SAIF, IIT Bombay Imaging and Elemental analysis using Field Emission Gun -Scanning Electron Microscope 05-May-2022
14. Dr. Hiral Soni Technical Assistant Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre for Applied Research and Testing - SICART Gujarat Analysis of samples by CHNS/O elemental analyzer 12-May-2022
15. Mr. Prabhakaran PV Head-Product Management Fluke Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Test tools for green technology segments and changing power quality landscape 26-May-2022
16. Dr. Rishi Gupta Application Specialist Anton-Paar India Pvt.Ltd. Zeta potential & particle size measurement using light scattering & laser diffraction techniques 02-Jun-2022
17. Dr. Vineet Dravid Founder and CEO A hybrid approach to model thermal behaviour and degradation in batteries 07-Jul-2022
18. Prof. R. G. Sonkawade Professor Deptt. of Physics, Shivaji University Kolhapur Compositional characterisation of materials using XPS involving operational parameters 14-Jul-2022
19. Dr. Swati Jha Application Specialist Anton-Paar India Pvt.Ltd. Advanced Mechanical Surface Characterization and it's Applications:Indentation and Scratch 21-Jul-2022
20. Dr. Kartik Pondicherry Technical Manager(Rheology) Anton-Paar India Pvt.Ltd. Applied Rheology 28-Jul-2022
21. Dr. Sripadaraja Director IntelliSense Software,India MEMS design challenges made easy 11-Aug-2022
22. Mr. Jithin M. A. Senior Facility Technologist CeNSE, IISc Bangalore Vacuum Technology-Pumping, Measurement,Diagnose 18-Aug-2022
23. Dr. William R. Surin Principal Research Scientist Center for Infectious Disease Research Building/Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Biology Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Role of Flow Cytometry in the Advancement of Biological Research 25-Aug-2022
24. Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Scientist RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Material Analysis at Atomic Scale: Correlative Use of Atom Probe Tomography and Electron Microscopy 08-Sep-2022
25. Dr. Vinay Kariwala Head of Business Development SankhyaSutra Labs Bangalore Lattice Boltzmann Method for High-Fidelity Simulations 15-Sep-2022
26. Sudhakar Balijepalli Sr. Project Technologist 5G Testbed Lab, ECE, IISc Open Source 5G test bed at IISc Bangalore 22-Sep-2022
27. Dr. Barnali Ghatak Director SBH Electrocloud e-Paint 06-Oct-2022
28. Dr. Sounik Kiran Dash Research Scientist National University of Singapore Space Saving Technologies to Design Highly Compact Advanced Multi-band Antennas for Future Communication Devices 13-Oct-2022
29. Vishal Pillai Program Manager(Innovation) KPIT Technologies Ltd. Your Platform for evolution of an idea to a product or service- KPIT Sparkle 20-Oct-2022
30. Anurag Sharma Optics and Photonics Design Engineer Anant Viriya Photonic Crystal Technology for Enhancing Solar PV Efficiency 03-Nov-2022
31. Anil Sharma Managing Director IMPULSE TECHNOLOGY, Haryana Atomistic Next Generation Materials & Device Simulation using Atomistic Next Generation Materials & Device Simulation 17-Nov-2022
32. Mr Nihal Khan B.Tech, MBA Premier Test - Cal Systems Advanced Test & Measurement System 24-Nov-2022
33. Agnibha Das Majumdar Research Scholar Department of Physics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab Infrared Spectroscopy: an useful tool for food science 08-Dec-2022
34. Matlab Team Education Team Mathworks Using MATLAB with Python for Artificial Intelligence 22-Dec-2022
35. Uttam Pal Assistant Professor COMSOL Training 5 Days 28-Nov-2022 to 2-Dec-2022
36. Satya Srinivas. B Application Specialist Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd Fundamentals of Scanning Electron Microscopy and its Applications 29-Dec-2022
37. Matlab Team Education Team Mathworks Introduction to Image Processing with MATLAB for Researchers 05-Jan-2023
38. Nagaarjun Sridhar Application Specialist Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd ZEISS 3D X-Ray Microscopy Solutions-Fundamentals and Applications 12-Jan-2023
39. Raghavendra swamy Founder/Director Automata research Laboratory Bangalore Super computing using GPGPU and Open CL on heterogeneous computing platform 02-Feb-2023
40. Prof. G K Patra Chief Scientist CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CSIR 4PI) & Professor, Mathematical and Information Sciences, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), NAL Belur Campus Bangalore COMPLEXITY AND CHALLENGES OF HOSTING HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING FACILITY 16-Feb-2023
41. Dr. Ashish Kumar Assistant Professor (Research) UPES University Dehradun Deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS): Defect and Impurity Analysis in Semiconductors 16-Mar-2023
42. Mr. Harish Madupu Technical Officer CRIF, NIT Warangal LC HRMS: Operation & Instrumentation 06-Apr-2023
43. Dr. Santosh Podder Senior Technical Officer IISER Pune Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy: Applications and Standard Practices for Reproducibility 13-Apr-2023
44. D. Ravikumar Technical Officer CRIF, NIT Warangal ICP-OES: Operation & Instrumentation 20-Apr-2023
45. GSR Sanjeevini Technical Officer CRIF, NIT Warangal CHNS Elemental Analyzer: Operation & Instrumentation 04-May-2023
46. Prajakta Sabnis Co-founder oorja. energy Understanding and Mitigating thermal runway in battery packs ( software) 11-May-2023
47. Prajakta Sabnis Co-founder oorja. energy Predicting Battery Capacity Quickly and Accurately with oorja's easy-to-use Hybrid Solutions 25-May-2023
48. Dr.Senthilkumar Rajagopal Associate Professor REVA University Bangalore Regulation of Calcium channels: From physiology to Pathophysiology 01-Jun-2023
49. Dr. T K Sai Senior Technical Officer NIT Warangal Industry 4.0 08-Jun-2023
50. Mr. Kapil Kant Kamal Joint Director CDAC Mumbai Mobile Governance for Digital Tranformation 15-Jun-2023
51. Mr. Maqsood Waikar Senior Project Associate, STUTI, (Project sanctioned by DST, Govt. of India) SAIF, Kolhapury XPS-A Surface-Sensitive Strategy: Instrumentation & Operational Parameters 22-Jun-2023
52. Dr. Manjari Chakraborty Senior Project Scientist, IIT Delhi SATHI, IIT Delhi Exploring the World of Fluorescence through Steady State Photoluminescence (SSPL) 06-Jul-2023