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   In today's fast-paced world, innovation is thriving, leading to an exponential increase in the number of patents and publications generated each day. These intellectual assets hold the potential to revolutionize industries, spark new ideas, and drive progress. However, a concerning trend has emerged - a significant portion of these patents and publications end up lying unused for extended periods.

The Patent and Publication explosion in the digital age has contributed to an unprecedented surge in intellectual property creation. Companies, research institutions, and individuals are filing patents and publishing research papers at an astonishing rate. The global intellectual property landscape is witnessing an overwhelming influx of new ideas, inventions, and discoveries.

Reasons for Underutilization:-

Lack of Commercial Viability: A significant portion of patents and publications fail to attract commercial interest due to various reasons. They may not align with market demands, have limited practical applications, or lack a clear path to profitability. Consequently, many intellectual assets remain unused as they do not meet the necessary criteria for commercialization.

Insufficient Resources: Utilizing patents and publications often requires substantial investments of time, money, and expertise. Many organizations lack the necessary resources to explore, develop, and market these intellectual assets effectively. As a result, valuable ideas may languish, waiting for someone with the means to realize their potential.

Inadequate Knowledge Sharing: In some cases, unused patents and publications can be attributed to inadequate knowledge dissemination. Researchers and inventors may not effectively communicate the value and potential applications of their work. This lack of awareness hinders the ability of interested parties to utilize these assets, leaving them untapped.

Complex Legalities: The legal complexities associated with patents can also contribute to their underutilization. Licensing agreements, patent infringement concerns, and legal disputes often pose significant barriers to accessing and implementing patented technologies. The convoluted nature of intellectual property laws can impede the adoption and utilization of valuable inventions.

Lack of Collaboration: Collaboration plays a crucial role in realizing the full potential of intellectual assets. However, the fragmented nature of industries, siloed research efforts, and limited cross-sector partnerships hinder effective collaboration. Without concerted efforts to bridge these gaps, valuable patents and publications may remain isolated, reducing their impact and relevance

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   The proliferation of patents and publications represents a double-edged sword. While it signifies a thriving culture of innovation, the underutilization of these intellectual assets poses significant challenges. By addressing the reasons behind their lack of use and implementing collaborative and streamlined approaches, we can tap into the untapped potential of patents and publications.

   I-STEM is here to connect young engineers and entrepreneurs to the veteran scientists of the country to link according the mapped domain of both. Only by harnessing these valuable resources can we fuel progress, drive economic growth, and pave the way for a brighter future.