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   Innovation and change are happening rapidly at a rate that never was seen before. Thanks to the rise of Start-Ups, who are trained with innovative products, business models, and money to conquer the world. India is the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world, based on the no. of start-ups. This start-up ecosystem is made possible by the wide use of smartphones, internet and national payments bundle. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, India has seen more Unicorn start-ups in the year 2021 than it did from 2011 to 2020. But still there are a lot of issues that causes hurdles for start-ups in India to reach their full potential.

   In the last few years, the Indian ecosystem has been driven by things like a lot of money, innovation and high-tech technologies. The Government of India (GOI) announced that “National Start-up Day” will be held on January 16 of every year and India’s first National Start-up Day was held on January 16, 2022. This step by the government is going to really help India’s start-up ecosystem reach new goals. I-STEM for Start-Ups is here to support all scientific R&D based start-ups especially who are into hardware manufacturing by providing numerous benefits to these upcoming unicorns.

   I-STEM aims to make India the manufacturing hub of the world and promote research in science & technology among the youth of the country. Join I-STEM for Start-Ups to get access to all benefits. Register yourself as a Start-Up, Academia, Industry - today!

 Deep Tech Start-Up criteria supported by I-STEM:

    1. Research and Development (R&D) based Start-Ups.

    2. Hardware based Start-Ups.

    3. Manufacturing based Start-Ups.

    4. Scientific Principle based Start-Ups

 (Domains: Agri-Tech, Aerospace, Civil/Construction, Electronics & Semiconductors, Bio-Tech, Med-Tech, Chemical).

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